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Grounds for getting a divorce in Singapore

Many people wonder what to look out for when getting a divorce in Singapore. However, the law just provides one ground for divorce in Singapore. The only provided ground for divorce is the irretrievable break down of marriage. The marriage breakdown is commonly by other terms such as adultery, which offer the common basis of the claims that the marriage is completely broken down. However, these tens are not really legal grounds for divorce.

The law clearly gives both the preconditions for divorce and the facts that attempt to prove the divorce ground. In other words, before getting a divorce and divorce lawyers, the following preconditions must be observed.

1. The marriage must have lasted for a minimum of three years.
It is only in special cases where a divorce case can be filed without having been married for those three years. This, however, can only work if one proves that there has been sufferings and hardships in the hands of an extremely unreasonable and cruel spouse. The one divorce applicants use their own experiences and circumstances to move and persuade the court to subscribe to their grievances and get satisfied by their explanations concerning the hardships. Without these special circumstances, then the applicant must abide by the condition of the three years in marriage.

2. Applicants relations to Singapore
For you to get a divorce in the judiciary system of Singapore, one of the spouses must have been a permanent citizen of Singapore. However, this can be supplemented by the fact that one of the spouses has been living in Singapore for more than three years.

3. The grounds for divorce
There must be a permanent breakdown of marriage for a divorce to be issued. In fact, this is the sole ground for the divorce. Situations like adultery act as complete indicators of an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. If one of the spouses finds it intolerable to continue living with an adulterous partner, he may file a case seeking for divorce. The only requirement here is a presentation of enough evidence to support the claim. A private investigator can be hired to gather the evidence if the complainant is unable to do it.

4. If the spouse’s behavior is unreasonable
Here, the one seeking for divorce is required to show how the partner has behaved contrary to the expectations, and that it makes it hard for them to live together in marriage. Some of these behaviors include drug abuse, sex deprivation, coming home late at night, misuse of financial resources through gambling among other malpractices.

5. Desertion for more than two years
The Women’s Charter of Singapore describes desertion as a spouse deserting his marriage partner for more than two years. There have to be evidence and explanation that the two have been living separately for the two years before filing the case and that there is no intention of the deserted spouse to return.

6. Living apart for more than three years
Evidence must be tabled that the two spouses have been separated and living apart for more than three years. One of them, especially the complainant, must prove that he has been living separately from the spouse. When it comes to this issue of separation, a separation deed is sometimes used.

However, separation by necessity cannot make one to be issued with a divorce, but it can only be issued if the separation is by their own choice.