Dangers of Getting a Bad USA Immigration Lawyer


Hiring a competent immigration lawyer is critical to your success as an immigrant in the United States. For example, immigration lawyers from Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys will educate you on legal options such as the most suitable visa for you and your family. They will take you through the process of applying for citizenship. They will make follow-ups on your immigration status.

More importantly, they will represent you when enforcement agencies such as ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) come knocking at your door. Handling the difficulties of the US legal system alone is an impossible undertaking especially when it comes to complex matters such as immigration. Therefore, hiring a lawyer is a critical step in ensuring that everything goes well as you enter and live in America. Here are the dangers of getting a bad USA immigration lawyer.

– You will make mistakes in your applications
Immigrants have to file an extensive amount of paperwork before they receive clearance from government agencies. For example, the names and bank account details of sponsors are necessary if one is entering the US through a sponsorship program. A reason for coming to the US is essential as well. Lawyers are there to advise their clients on the preparation of such documents. They are also critical in helping their clients formulate responses that are as accurate and as compelling as possible. Bad lawyers cannot help you in such cases. You will file flawed documents that contain unconvincing arguments. Consequently, rejection of your applications by government agencies will be inevitable.

– You will make mistakes through your actions
Visas come with various restrictions, but understanding all of them is a bit difficult unless someone explains them to you. For example, holders of EB5 visas travel within the country freely. They can also visit other nations. This freedom may lead to some sense of false security especially when holders of other visa programs have to stay within specific states and localities. A good lawyer will tell you that being outside the country for more than six months invalidates the visa. That means you have to start the application process again. Bad lawyers fail when it comes to informing their clients of these restrictions. Consequently, the clients of such attorneys lose their visa because they acted in specific ways.

– You will not help your family members
Getting to the US is a dream for many people, but their vision is to see their family members living in the land of opportunity and freedom. Achieving this vision is impossible if you have an incompetent immigration lawyer. More specifically, he will not advise you correctly on helping your loved ones to get to the United States. The application processes will be shoddy. Government officials will be suspicious of you and your family members. Moreover, the courts will not be on your family’s side because the lawyer you hired presents flawed arguments before the court.

Additionally, getting the right paperwork for your job will be a difficult task because bad lawyers cannot advise you correctly on such things. For example, applying for jobs that are outside the scope of your visa is possible. Alternatively, you may be too cautious, and as such, you fail to apply for jobs that your visa permits you to have. Good immigration lawyers will advise you on such things so that you and your family members can live freely and comfortably in the USA.

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