Problems you will face with bad SEO

Google has changed the guidelines of local seo and now we have to deal with it. It will not be a long time before the most popular internet marketing blogs start referring to this new feature and how it’s a large issue for search engine optimizers, simply because everything that Google changes is harmful to us, right? Refer to its Secrets. No problem with a few insider tricks. But an SEO company that goes on and on about the amazing secrets it uses to get you results is not a company you want to be doing business with.

Dangers of having bad SEO?

Pretend Social Networks Don’t Exist

Focusing only on fixing up your site and submitting various content to blogs and networks isnt going to cut it. A social campaign requires a light, fine touch, and your business needs an agency that knows how to use (and not abuse) the social networks.

Imaginary Link Building

When an SEO outfit talks about building links back to your brand, but makes absolutely no mention of
content creation, you know they aren’t serious. The word building’ is used for a reason: these things take work and must be properly constructed by an seo in baton rouge.

Quickly Pushing More Services onto You

Having you pay extra for big projects and web design is one thing, but if you sign up for SEO and realize
youre going to have to pay for ten other services on top of it, whats the point? Differentiating between
honest, paid help and aggressive sales tactics is fundamental.

Hold Old-Fashioned Business Hours.

The internet doesnt operate on a 9-to-5 schedule. If your prospective SEO Agencies havent got someone
you can reach at anytime, be weary. SEO is done at all hours, and the best agencies are ones with a global
reach across every time zone.


Especially when it comes to commenting on blogs and posting to forums. For the bad SEO Agencies, this is
often their entire social media strategy: post generic text, link back to customers site. Buyer beware, indeed. But what local business without SEO-consultant is aware of these changes and knows what to do about them? Probably no one. Because of that, seo once again actually is a major competitive advantage and that’s an excellent thing. It can help our industry if more and more people become aware to the fact that seo can in fact be the thing they have to have in order to overcome their rivals.

Do No Research

If the company trying to optimize your business knows nothing about your sector, how are they going to help you? Bad agencies jump right into SEO and treat it like the same process for everyone. Good agencies know that its nothing like that.

Refuse to Change

This is built into the business plan of the best SEO Agencies. Search algorithms and consumer behavior
change constantly. Look at all the new forums of communication that pop up in a single year online. If your
company cant keep up with them, get a new one who can.

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