The ease of updating your address

With the advent of the internet, updating your address is easier than ever. But it’s important to remember that your address isn’t only used by your mother to send birthday cards. There are a lot of things that could be disrupted in our modern lives if we don’t take the time to update our address everywhere with


First of all, you have to change your mailing address. Fortunately, the United States Postal Service has made that incredibly easy to do! Wait, easy? Bureaucracy? Yes, the USPS has created a streamlined address
changing process, and it all happens online. You don’t have to step a foot into the actual post office.

All you need to do is head over to, find the “Track & Manage” tab at the top of the page, and
select “Change of Address” from the dropdown menu. From there you will fill out a form that lets the USPS
know where you are moving from and to. It is a very straightforward and quick process.


This is also simple, just not as quick. There’s no way around it, you have to go to the DMV. Oh, how I wish
you didn’t have to go there, but you do. You could have some sort of Mission: Impossible mask maker create a mask of your face, and then hire some kid to wear that mask to the DMV to get your ID for you, but honestly, it isn’t worth it. Just go.


So you’ve spent ten minutes changing your mailing address and you’re ready to call it a day. Not a good idea. You’ve made sure that your annual $10 from grandma will arrive on your birthday, but you’re not done yet. There are a lot of things in life that use our address, one of the more important things would be our credit card/debit card. You’re going to want your cards billing address to match your current address.

The internet has, most likely, made this easy for you too. All major banks offer online services these days,
and one of those services is updating your address. You’ll have to navigate to the page that has your
personal information on it, where you will, hopefully, be able to update your address. You may, however, use a smaller bank or credit union that doesn’t offer those online services. I’m sorry to say it but, in this case, you’re going to have to enter your bank in person. I know, I tried to keep it simple, but I didn’t tell you to keep your money with a friendly, local bank.


Okay, now you’ve updated your card’s billing address, you’re receiving your birthday money, but what about that Ab Roller 2000 you ordered on Amazon? Now that you’ve updated your cards billing address, you’re going to need to update the billing address on every subscription or shopping service that you have that card linked to.

Netflix? Apple Music? Spotify? Amazon? If it’s using your card, then you’re going to need to update that information before it gets charged again or else you could lose the service temporarily. What are you going to talk about with your friends when you’re not caught up on Stranger Things because you couldn’t update you billing information? New Taylor Swift? Not for you because you forgot to update your billing address. Do you see how serious this can get?

That’s about it! You’re getting your birthday money, you’ve updated your banking info, you’ve caught up on Stranger Things, listened to TayTay’s newest jam, and are on your way to a six pack with the Ab Roller 2000. And it’s all because you updated your address! Who knew life could be so easy?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you learned something!

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