The need for tax attorneys

Even the slightest mistake in taxation can lead to a business losing a lot of time and cash. When you are contacted by the IRS to make an audit due to poor record keeping, it can be very stressful and expensive for a business. This is why taxation is one of the areas where businesses ensure that there is not even a single error. To help you understand all the requirements of the IRS, you need a good tax attorney. Follow through for 5 reasons why you need a good attorney from a reputable law firm:

1. Ability to litigate.

When you have been charged with crimes like committing fraud or evading tax, your CPAs and EAs cannot
litigate for you as a tax attorney can. When you are being investigated by the IRC, you need a good tax attorney unless you don’t fear going to jail. A good tax attorney will help you to defend yourself and even work out a reasonable solution.

2. Knowledge and experience.

A good tax attorney is well equipped with all the knowledge relating to tax. He or she understands all the
regulations and ways to deal with any complexities that may arise. Since he or she has experience dealing
with the IRS, you can be sure that he or she has all the strategies that are necessary for defend you against them.

3. Choosing a Tax Year

Just like any other business, your business will also have a tax year. You can set it on your own and
sometimes the government is the one to set it. A good tax attorney will help you to set up an appropriate tax year. On the other hand, he or she will also ensure that the tax year for your business complies with all the IRS requirements thus avoiding any penalties.

4. In case of an Audit

For any business, being contacted to audit by the IRS is one of the most stressful experiences. This is
because apart from wasting a lot of time, you are also at risk of heavy fines and even facing jail time.
However, when you have a good attorney, he or she will help you through the process. He or she can also file for penalty abatement or request for payment in instalments in case of any penalties.

5. Inheritances and estate distributions

Many people do not realize that inheritance is also taxable. When an estate is to be given to heirs, it is
expected that taxes be paid and a good attorney comes in handy. When you have a good attorney, a good
attorney will guide take you through all the procedures necessary to ensure that the IRS will not pursuit the
heirs to pay for tax.


It is arguable that tax laws are very much complicated and a slight mistake can easily lead to an audit. This is why you need to seek the help of a professional to help you navigate through the process. With a good tax attorney, you will be able to between tax law complexities and tax law reform of 2018, it’s beneficial to seek the help of a professional when in doubt protect your interests and even solve any tax problems as soon as they arise.

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