The use of H11 High Intensity Conversion Kit

H11 High Intensity Discharge (HID) Conversion

The headlights are important features in the car world. Many drivers across the world are changing from factory headlights to HID models. Their aim is to improve quality and clarity of headlights. The conversion to HID is achievable in less than 30 minutes even to those with minimum technical knowledge. The best conversion kit with high quality headlight is H11 HID kit. The use of this kit is due to its numerous advantages elaborated on this article. H11 HID Conversion Kit FeaturesThis kit has several components with unique features. The first feature is high reliability OEM-grade ballasts. The second feature is high striking voltage. this feature is useful for flicker-free start. The third feature of this kit is presence of headlights with true colors that are not purple or green. The last feature is longer life bulbs which are ceramic based. The components inside the are high quality. Specification can be found onĀ

The first component is a pair of H11 CNLight High Intensity Discharge bulbs. The customer chooses his desired color. The second component is a pair of 35w super-slim ballast. The next is Waterproof Relay which is optional. The fourth component is 3M mounting pads. Lastly, all these components have a three year warrant including even the bulbs. These components have high quality features that increases the benefits of H11 HID conversion.

Benefits of a H11 HID Conversion

The first major benefit is bulb features that are unique. The first bulb feature is high reliability. CNLight bulbs are the most dependable as well as reliable bulbs across the world. The bulbs have no defects like flickering and mismatching colors. They have ceramic base design making it even more reliable. The other benefit of these bulb is true colors. The bulbs are available in true and accurate colors with the right temperatures. The white color is the best due its visibility.The next benefit is ballast unique component and their features. The ballast are useful in handling the crucial and sensitive regulation of power. The ballast is use is 2A88 which is the best in the market. The integrated chip used inside the ballast is ASIC Chip. This chip offer maximum efficiency, brightness as well as high stable operation. The ballast also has an CANBUS module that is able to smooth PWM signals and utilize feedback to equalize the load hence minimizes any trouble in the car system. The ballast also has an large 24kv external igniter which works even in cold temperatures. This igniter starts the car easily and is 100% reliable.

Finally, the ballasts are built tough. They are fully potted making them shockproof and waterproof. The last component is the full power relay. The relay is useful in enabling powering of the HIDs directly from a battery. It utilizes waterproof relay which has fly back diode as well as an inbuilt capacitor for power smoothing. This relay is reliable, convenient and has long life. However, the use of relay is optional in some cars while in others it is useful.The benefits of a H11 HID conversion are numerous. The car owners should consider H11 HID kit the first option due to its quality components. The kits are readily available in the market.

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