What is an SS-4 Form?

If you intend to start a sole proprietorship, trust, NGO or any other business entity in the United States, you must apply for an Employee Identification Number (EIN). The EIN will be useful during federal tax filing and reporting and other business functions such as applying for a new license. But to obtain an EIN, you must fill out an SS-4 form with the IRS or get the help of a company like https://www.federal-ein-application.com.

What is an SS-4 form?

It is an IRS form that you file when requesting for your business’s Employer Identification Number. The EIN will be assigned to your business or entity and is necessary for federal tax filing and reporting. There are different ways of obtaining form SS-4. You can get it from the IRS website, IRS offices in your area or by mail.

If you are a sole proprietor, you will only need one EIN no matter how many businesses you operate or the number of trade names under which your entity operates. However, you will require a new EIN should your business enter into a partnership.

How do you file an SS-4 form?

You can choose to file your SS-4 form through one of three ways: By mail, online or by fax. If you choose the online route, you can complete and file your form through the IRS website and acquire your EIN immediately. If you file it by fax, you will receive your number within four business days. If you file the form by mail, you will have to wait for about four weeks before you can get your number.

If your legal residence, principal office and principal place of business are not within the US, you cannot file the form online. However, you can still apply by mail or fax. Additionally, international applicants can also apply by telephone provided the person making the call has the authority to receive the EIN. However, this route is only available for international applicants.

What information is requested on the form?

Filing out the SS-4 form is quite simple. You will need the following information:

• Your entity’s legal name
• The entity’s trade name, if it differs from the legal name
• The individual authorized to receive tax information
• Your entity’s mailing and street addresses
• The location of your principal place of business
• The name of the responsible party
• The Social Security Number of the responsible party

Additionally, you will need to give out your reasons for application and answer various other queries including the type of entity, the date the business started, the principal activity of the business and the number of employees expected during the next one year.
Employers, partnerships, trusts, sole proprietors, estates and other entities must apply for an Employee Identification Number in order to file and report taxes. Failure to comply with IRS requirements can attract fines and even jail time. You should ensure that your entity has an EIN and that taxes are filed correctly. If have any questions or seek any clarifications regarding form SS-4, be sure to visit the IRS website.

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