What to do after you’ve lost your social security card

Now that you’ve lost your social security card, what’s next? Is it time to panic and make frantic calls to every member of your family? Well, definitely not! I am aware that losing personal information can be extremely unnerving, nevertheless, It doesn’t warrant you to panic or become restless. Restlessness could result in more trouble, so sit down, recollect yourself and plan a way forward.

When one loses such a card, the biggest question is, how much of a problem is it? Well, losing the card isn’t an issue. In fact, replacing it is very easy and free. What you need to worry about is, in whose hands does the card land. Identity thieves could use the account to impersonate you which could become a problem. However, if you take action quickly, you change the odds to be on your side. I have specifically prepared this for you. Read on at https://lostsscard.com/how-to-get-a-same-day-social-security-card-replacement/.

How do you protect your identity?

First and foremost, you will need to protect your identity. If you are not sure if someone is already using your identity, closely watch your credit reports. Criminals use stolen SSN cards to apply for credit cards which they can use to pile up debts on you.

If you are looking for a sure way to see if a criminal has already stolen your identity, you can request a credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com. after acquiring a credit report, look out for any anomalies. Specifically, you will be looking for any types of unauthorized credit taken in your name. If you have the suspicion that someone has already stolen your SSN proceed and visit IdentityTheft.gov. This website is run by the FTC specifically for people to report stolen social security numbers. After this, be sure to contact the IRS so that they can prevent identity thieves from using your SSN to file for tax returns.

What if you don’t find evidence of identity theft?

If you have already checked everywhere and there is no evidence of identity theft, you will have to apply for a new card online.

To qualify, you have to be a United States citizen; 18 years and above. You will also need a mailing address within the US, a state-issued ID or a driver’s license. In case you don’t qualify to apply online, physical applications can be done at your local social security office, by mail or in person. It is also very important to note that each person is allowed to apply for only 3 SSNs annually and only ten in your entire lifetime.

What if someone has already stolen your identity?

If indeed you have evidence that someone else is impersonating you, go ahead and apply for a new SSN at your nearest Social Security office. You only need to prove that someone has stolen your identity. If this evidence can’t be provided, it will be difficult to get a new one.

Next time, you do not want your social security number getting lost or landing in the wrong hands. To prevent this, don’t carry the card with you because it is pointless. Instead of storing it in your purse or wallet, keep it safely at home or any other location where you feel it is secure.

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