When does social security name change happen?


Social security name change online usually happens when one is married, especially the females who prefer to change their surname and match it with their husband’s. People normally do this as they want to feel like they belong to a specific person, which normally are affected by feelings or emotions.

However, on the other hand, people regretted changing their social security name when they realized they are not meant for their partners. In this case, they will need to go through another process of name changing, which is a tedious and emotional process as they will feel the world has split apart.

People also change their name when they realize their parents gave them a ridiculous name to live about. They would not want to live in the society with a weird name, and being called out by others. This will not only bring shame to themselves, but also cause them to have suicidal thoughts. It will be far more worse if this happens on an introvert. lntroverts are the ones who does not like to interact with strangers, and being called out will leave a very bad scar on them. Therefore, I think that security name change will be much suitable for them and this may even lessen the suicidal rates in the world!

Offenders should also be given a chance to have a security name change. As a person who have been behind the bars, it will not only be recorded in the resume, but also cause them to have a bad reputation in the society. This will affect them financially as they will have a hard time finding a suitablejob that is catered to ex-prisoners. However, there are companies such as eighteen chef which hire ex-offenders and give them a chance to turn over a new leaf. In other cases, a security name change is a must do. Employers will realize that you want to start over with a new name and new reputation, thus increasing the chances of getting employed by them.

Security name change is also a must for adults who decided to do age-restricted contents for a living. They would not want to be known by their names as most of them will feel very guilty towards their friends and family. When stepping into this industry, most of them will not be known by their names given by their parents as they decided to hide it for good measure. Furthermore, being known by name before stepping into this industry will cause a lot of shame for the artist. They will be shamed for whatever reasons their family and friends can think of and even force them to step out of the industry, which can also be their dream job. Therefore, security name change is essential to hide their real identity at the start.

One of the trend that I can relate to is plastic surgery, which changes your appearance. One similarity between plastic surgery and security name change is that you will be unknown to the society.

In conclusion, security name change is not a need but a want is most society. Most of them change their name as they feel like they can restart their whole life with a new or unknown reputation. It is not necessary but since it is becoming a trend in the society for people to change their name, others followed along.

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