Why bike lights can save you from being injured or dead

Have you ever asked yourself why most accidents happen at night? According to research done to identify the number of accidents that occur every year, 80 % of this accidents occur at night and are from cyclists who use their bikes at dark without bike lights. If you want to avoid the dangers of cycling without bike lights, then you should make sure your bike has both headlights and tail lights, you can buy them from outboundlighting.com.

When you are riding at night, it does not mean that you are the only rider in the road. Many people prefer using bikes than vehicles to go to short distances. Using bikes which has no lights can make the riders hit on each other resulting in both parties being injured. This is because it will be hard to identify another rider from a far distance.

Not all places you ride your bike have smooth roads. Riding your bike at night especially in areas you are not familiar with is dangerous. You may accidentally hit a block or enter into a pothole, and this will make you fall. If you have a light on your bike, you can avoid this because it is easy to identify a block and pothole from a distance. When the bike has lights, then the riders can be visible to each other.

Some dangerous people like robbing people when it’s dark. They take advantage of bike riders since they know most of the riders are alone. Having bike lights helps one to identify any suspicious person from a far distance and escape before being robbed. If you don’t have the lights, then you should be ready to be robbed or kidnapped.

During rainy seasons a tree may fall late at night and before the place is being cleared a bike rider with no lights can pass without knowing. Hitting this tree will be very easy because one cannot see well. This will cause injuries to the cyclist or death.

Some motorists do not observe laws well at night, and they drive carelessly with others being drunk, inattentive or either intoxicated therefore they cannot see bike riders easily. When bike rider does not have his or her bike with lights, then he will obviously be hit by motorists either from the front or the back causing accident.

If your bike does not have a light and you are riding at night in total darkness, there will be a lot of fear inside you. You can hit someone walking instantly without knowing. It is encouraged that one should ride a bike with light so that a walking person can be seen from a distance. The front light will work as it will illuminate the area in front of you and any person moving towards you or is in front of you can be seen to avoid hitting him or her.

So as avoid this danger, all bicycle riders are required to have bike lights whenever they are riding. It is important to care about our safety by avoiding small mistakes which are as a result of ignorance.

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